Photography, Art, and Life by Joshua Kodis

GoPro durability test. From first day filming for my first full-length skate video. Tester: Juan Cimental 

Josh Quinn, a still frame from the first day filming for full-length skate video. Photo by Joshua Kodis

Juan Cimental


First two shots are of me (Joshua Kodis) using Chris Holt (other rider) as a human tripod. 

It was deep at Teton Pass today. Rider, Tony Grever and last shot is me (Joshua Kodis). 

This is me. Top two photos by Libby March, 6th shot down by my niece, 7th shot down by my daughter. Rest are selfies. 

A few inches of snow finally blanketed the city. Pitch black session goes down. Riders: Chris Holt and Tanner Vigil. Photos by Joshua Kodis

Light edit from Showdown on Saturday. Nothing fancy pants. Just having some fun on a small jump. Bigger ones will come later. 

Screen captures from GoPro at Showdown Mountain. Riders from top to bottom: Joshua Kodis (me), Tanner Vigil, Chris Holt.

Have you seen this place? It’s pretty wild.